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The Emerging Party District of Budapest


Ruin Pubs, transformed abandoned buildings, are abundant in Budapest’s emerging party district. Most are open year-round, some are temporary outdoor pubs, open from May to September and some are located in the cellars of old houses. Live music with the best Hungarian bands, charming retro décor, unique atmosphere and late opening hours make these places… Read more »

Pub Crawl Budapest: a Drink Guide to Hungary


A night with Pub Crawl Budapest will have you go through the best of what Hungary has to offer in regards to drinking. The country is rich in customs and local specialties, both of which can be confusing and weird for a first timer in the city. We present Pub Crawl Budapest’s very own guide… Read more »

5 Reasons to Crawl while in Budapest


1. An unforgettable party The citizens of Budapest know well what partying hard means. Do you know who has more competence in this skill? You. Every parties having abroad in a foreign country, foreign city, foreign culture have their unique charm. Especially if your company is made of tourists like you. Explore the night together… Read more »