University Bars Before A Pub Crawl

University Bars Before A Pub Crawl

Budapest has a unique university scene, thanks to how the institutes are set up. See, the overwhelming majority European and US colleagues have their campuses outside of town in an enclosed environment – not the case with Budapest. In fact, the most prestigious and largest institutes are set in the heart of the city, just next to the most iconic buildings? What does all this mean? A rich university pub culture – which is surprisingly close to pub crawl culture! (more…)


The Essence of Pubcrawls Or Where the Fun Lies

Pubcrawling has grown to be an international business, with the industry constantly looking for new territories to expand to. But how can a by definition private and intimate service, like going on a pub crawl, cope with the challenges of becoming a worldwide phenomenon? The answer is, by providing more and more personalized services! (more…)

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How to Bartalk in Hungarian with Pub Crawl Budapest

Following the footsteps of our sister site we dive into the most popular drinking phrases of the wonderful Hungarian language. If you ever feel like you’re in a tight situation, just remember these phrases, and your pub crawl Budapest adventures will hop right back on track!

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The Music Festival of Your Life!

Sziget festival is one of the most iconic things of the Hungarian summer. The seven day party extravaganza features many international performers, creating the usual grand festival experience that all visitors of Sziget learned to love and adore!


The Emerging Party District of Budapest

Ruin Pubs, transformed abandoned buildings, are abundant in Budapest’s emerging party district. Most are open year-round, some are temporary outdoor pubs, open from May to September and some are located in the cellars of old houses. Live music with the best Hungarian bands, charming retro décor, unique atmosphere and late opening hours make these places perfect for party. Now with pub crawl Budapest we take a tour of the city’s new party district!



Pub Crawl Budapest: a Drink Guide to Hungary

A night with Pub Crawl Budapest will have you go through the best of what Hungary has to offer in regards to drinking. The country is rich in customs and local specialties, both of which can be confusing and weird for a first timer in the city. We present Pub Crawl Budapest’s very own guide to the drinks you might encounter on your adventures!



5 Reasons to Crawl while in Budapest

1. An unforgettable party

The citizens of Budapest know well what partying hard means. Do you know who has more competence in this skill? You. Every parties having abroad in a foreign country, foreign city, foreign culture have their unique charm. Especially if your company is made of tourists like you. Explore the night together and make an everlasting experience of it.