5 Reasons to Crawl while in Budapest

1. An unforgettable party

The citizens of Budapest know well what partying hard means. Do you know who has more competence in this skill? You. Every parties having abroad in a foreign country, foreign city, foreign culture have their unique charm. Especially if your company is made of tourists like you. Explore the night together and make an everlasting experience of it.

2. Pálinka

About the unforgettable nights… Actually there is a magic shot, which makes every occasion unforgettable: it is the rightly appreciated pálinka. This is the special hungarian elixir, what makes this nation so tough. And – since it is quite strong though – makes you behave like you’ve never dreamt of before.

3. VIP entrance

Ehh, we don’t like queues. Especially if we are not that sober, the boogie is in our feet, and there is nothing to stop us from partying. Except those rude security guys who are collecting the entrance fee. What if we tell you, that on the bar tour you can skip this nasty part of the evening, and enter all the places without any endless queue standing or extra fees? Pub crawlers are VIP guests everywhere.

4. Bar games

Are you afraid of that awkward moment, when you are not that easy yet to start any conversation, and you already know about everyone where they are from, an what they do for living, and how long they are going to stay in the country, and just sitting there and waiting? You don’t need to. Our guides know how to ease you guys up, and they teach you awesome bar games. You are going to laugh like there is no tomorrow. The only thing, that we cannot guarantee that alcoholic drinks are not involved in these type of games.

5. The crawl is just the before party

Last but not least, yes, crawling is just the beginning of your crazy night out in Budapest. In order to be sure that you have a marvelous party, the bar crawl ends in the coolest pub of the city. At that time you will have friends from several nations, experiences belong to other places, shots and pálinka of course, and an unflappable desire to party hard. And you will.