The Emerging Party District of Budapest

Ruin Pubs, transformed abandoned buildings, are abundant in Budapest’s emerging party district. Most are open year-round, some are temporary outdoor pubs, open from May to September and some are located in the cellars of old houses. Live music with the best Hungarian bands, charming retro décor, unique atmosphere and late opening hours make these places perfect for party. Now with pub crawl Budapest we take a tour of the city’s new party district!

The Ruin Pub Recipe

The recipe is simple: search for an old building in downtown Pest, rent the cellar and the ground floor, do not renovate anything, invite some contemporary artists and designers, recreate the atmosphere of the 70’s, build a bar and serve some drinks, invite a band and be open until the morning comes. Ruin Pubs certainly represent a new wave of entertainment in Budapest. The trend started about 10 years ago and although some places come and go or change ownership; you will always find a Ruin Pub that’s popular.

History of District VII.

Budapest’s district VII. originally earned its name as a once-vivid Jewish quarter. Today, these Jewish roots are mainly traceable by some kosher-inspired restaurants in the neighborhood, and the dominant Great Synagogue of the city. The area had its fair share of historical turmoil, as this where the Budapest ghetto was situated during the Second World War. The district, however, bounced back and after decades of healing, it now serves as Budapest’s hotspot for nightlife and cultural exchange!

Cultural Hub

Looking for hostels? Restaurants? Bars or maybe street food? How about a night market, or an organic, Sunday’s farmer market? The district VII. rejuvenation has allowed the area to grow into something truly unique. At night, the youthful summer vibe of open air ruin pubs fill the atmosphere, by day, the people from all over the world set out to explore the riches of Budapest starting out from this area!