Pub Crawl Budapest: a Drink Guide to Hungary

A night with Pub Crawl Budapest will have you go through the best of what Hungary has to offer in regards to drinking. The country is rich in customs and local specialties, both of which can be confusing and weird for a first timer in the city. We present Pub Crawl Budapest’s very own guide to the drinks you might encounter on your adventures!


Pálinka is a strong, fruit based fermented spirit. Traditionally, it is made of fruits that grow in the Carpathian basin, so plum, apple, pear, apricot and a number of other fruits – and sometimes the mixture of them – are all fair game when it comes to pálinka! Most Hungarians have, or know somebody who has, home made pálinka, but be careful, it is some heavy stuff!


Fröccs is a unique thing. The word is an onomatopoeia for the splashing sound you hear when you’re mixing soda with wine. Fröccs is a soothing cold drink for hot summer nights, as the drink simultaneously hydrates and gets you drunk. There are numerous kind of fröccs ratios, ranging from the wine heavy Krúdy-fröccs (9dl wine, 1dl soda, named after – no surprise here – a literary giant), to the lovely sport-fröccs (1dl wine, 4dl soda). The most classic setup is nagyfröccs (big fröccs), with 3dl wine and 2dl soda. Oh the magic of Budapest summers!


Just like anywhere in the world, right now craft beers are the next big thing. This is great news for the local beer scene, since Hungary’s beer selection has been somewhat lackluster. Look for cheep, but fairly mediocre beers like Soproni, Kőbányai or Arany Ászok to get the hang of what locals consume – and then skip to craft beers like Békésszentandrási, Szarvasi or Szent András Könnye (Tear of St. Andrew).


Unicum is yet another Hungarian spirit, which consists of 40 different ingredients and herbs. Many claim it tastes like Jägermeister – but without sugar. Unicum, traditionally a fine digestif, is one of the most well recognized brands of the country and a must try!


One of Hungary’s best kept secrets lies in its colorful selection of wine regions. The countryside is rich in fertile, sunny hills and vallies, making Hungary an up-and-coming wine superpower. When on a crawl with Pub Crawl Budapest watch out, one can easily run into quality and less ideal wines alike! However, cheap wine can mean quality, so ask your guide for recommendations!

Say cheers!

Learning one Hungarian word can make a difference! Impress your friends and locals and say cheers, or Egészségedre. Pronounced egg-is-shae-ged-re, it is one of the most difficult words to get a grasp over, but it is worth the struggle!
Meaning literally “to your health”, it is the best way to kick off your Pub Crawl Budapest night out!