University Bars Before A Pub Crawl

Budapest has a unique university scene, thanks to how the institutes are set up. See, the overwhelming majority European and US colleagues have their campuses outside of town in an enclosed environment – not the case with Budapest. In fact, the most prestigious and largest institutes are set in the heart of the city, just next to the most iconic buildings? What does all this mean? A rich university pub culture – which is surprisingly close to pub crawl culture!

Our pub crawls take you to the very best of ruin bars in the city, but checking out alternatives is always fun. If you ever feel like taking a walk in the Astoria area do check out a number of pubs and bars. First is probably the Könyvtár Klub (Library Club), which is set on the campus of Eötvös Loránd Science University. The pub is known for its immense summer terrace, often housing late night international parties! (

Feel like grabbing a quick drink before your pub crawl and your hostel just near Fővám Square? Check out Trapéz (trapezoid), which is a modest two-story building just behind the iconic Great Market Hall. Head in, order a drink and try to find your way to the always chilled attic. Another great bet is the nearby Lónyai pub, which can be quite frightening for the unseasoned traveler. Cheap drinks and lost souls dot the bar here. Grab a quick drink and head over the nearby corvinus café for a quick (and ridiculously cheap cocktail). ( )

Don’t forget though, if you want to meet up international party people, you have your pub crawl Budapest tour waiting for you every night! Register your spot to check out the most atmospheric ruin pubs in the city! (